Editors - editgroup

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

You are a perfect
candidate for us if:

Nine-to-five job is boring for you;
You want to be in charge;
You are a bookworm;
You like establishing priorities;
Time management means a lot to you;
English does not sound Chinese to you;
You want to get paid for your hobby;
Your level of English is advanced;
Meticulousness to details is your strong side;
You can list diligence among your traits;
You have the ability to notice and correct mistakes;
The need to devote at least 5 hours to work per working day does not scare you away;
Perfectionism is your second nature.

24/7 Support

You join the community of Editors and your team as well as the Mentors will always be here to assist and guide you 24/7

Competitive salary

The fee per page starts with $0,50, we have a well-devised bonus system, which gives a chance to earn extra by doing your job properly


Choose 15 (and more) shifts per month and arrange them as you wish; start working at any time that's suitable for you

Skills up-grade

Since you're working with texts on various topics, your general knowledge and language skills are developing

Our Conditions

Love what you do - proofread and edit carefully

Complete 5 orders per working shift. You can always check more if you feel like it

Set 15 working days per month. You are free to choose the days that suit you best

Stick to the proofreader deadline. But do not feel intimidated by them - your deadlines still allow you the possibility to proofread texts carefully and without any rush

Our Principles


Active Remote Editors Involved


Projects Completed


Customer Satisfaction Rate


Pages Checked per Month


Our Inspiring Team


RQA Mentor, supports team members during the work process, is responsible for most of the work-related requests, provides monthly statistics


Training Manager, is responsible for hiring new specialists, conducting trainings, and on-boarding new colleagues


RQA Mentor, provides constant support for the team members,  monthly statistics, answers for most of the requests


QA Expert, performs monthly evaluations for every team member aiming for performance improvement


QAD Manager,  is in charge of all work-related processes, both in-house and remote, provides solutions for all technical bugs issues

Sign-up procedure:

⇒ Send us your CV 


⇒ Successfully pass the test for English knowledge  


⇒ Attend a first introductory training  


⇒ Look through the additional materials sent on email  


⇒ Attend the second training which is more product-related and practical


⇒ Complete two test orders – work on the formatting skills  


⇒ Get the feedback on tests


⇒ Start the registration procedure   


⇒ Follow the instructions sent on email, register successfully 


⇒ Start enjoying your new job


Become a Member of EditGroup Team