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Terms and Conditions

Subject of the Agreement

This Agreement is a contract between You (“User”) and the Company (online writing company providing research and writing services). You hereby agree to render services to the Company as a Remote Quality Analyst (“RQA” - proofreader and corrector of the Company Products) under the terms and conditions specified herein.

Service Requirements

1. Main Responsibilities:
- Proofread orders written for our Customers by the Writers;
- Correct mistakes, give recommendations for correction work;
- Assess skills and performance of Writers on orders.

2. Workload: RQA will be assigned at least 5 orders to be checked per day. In case RQA wants to process more orders – he/she may choose from the ‘Recommended’ list.

3. Orders Quality Standards: RQA should check orders following the principal aspects: adherence to Customer’s instructions, corresponding format, proper grammar, content originality.

4. Order Assessment: upon order screening, RQA has to rate each aspect of Writer’s work on a scale from 1 to 10, with comments and recommendations for the Writer to follow.

5. Order Correction: in case Writer’s mistakes are minor, RQA should make the corrections needed and forward the order to the Customer. If Writer’s mistakes are numerous, difficult to correct while screening so that solid revision is needed, RQA should send the Order back to the Writer for him/her to make improvements.

6. Proofread Deadline: It is required for RQA to complete all orders before the given deadline.

7. Communication: RQA performs communication with QA department via Slack messaging system (a channel where RQA can ask for help regarding any issues occurred while working with the order).

Service Goals

All of the abovementioned service requirements are being set for the RQA in order to reach Service Goals:

1. Prevent revision requests for the Order from the Customer;

2. Prevent bad feedback for the Order from the Customer;

3. Prevent refund requests on the Order from the Customer.

RQA hereby agrees to arrange his/her work and render his/her services in order to reach the Service Goals laid out above.

Service Assessment and Evaluation

1. QA Rate. The RQA hereby acknowledges and agrees to have his/her work to be constantly monitored and assessed by QA Department members. The manner and means of service rendition will be evaluated and presented to RQA for review and consideration. The RQA will receive a personal performance rate on a scale from 1 to 10 depending on the quality of the service rendered.

2. Each of the service requirements also has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that frame the quality of the service provided by RQA.

KPIs include:
- Minimum number of orders proofread, #
- Maximum revision requests rate, %
- Maximum money back claims, %
- Maximum number of orders with Proofreader state: failed, %
KPI indexes may and will vary depending on the needs of the business and will be sent to the User at within least 24 hours prior to the assessment period start.


1. Payment Value. The RQA іs bound to receive the Payment fоr eасh Successfully Checked Order thаt conforms to the Prоduсt аnd Servісe Requіrements оf thіs Аgreement. Salary compensation fоr each particular order assigned to the RQA is fixed at $0,50 per page. The orders completed from the “Recommended” folder are compensated at the rate of $0,60 per page.

2. Payment Conditioning. The Order is considered successful if:
-The Order stays in ‘Done’ section for consecutive 14 days since the day of submission;
-The Order has no revision requests, refund requests or bad feedbacks.

In case a refund request appears, the service provided cannot be regarded as such as rendered according to the Service Requirements and will NOT be compensated.

In case there is a revision request based on the quality of RQA’s work and it was not completed by the User the service provided cannot be regarded such as rendered according to the Service Requirements and a 50% payment to the total Earnings for the project will be applied. In case RQA doesn’t move an Order to Done after a Writer provides corrections, 20% of the total proofread cost for the Order will be applied. In case RQA sends an Order for corrections with relevant attached To_Use file but fails to send the Order to Done, 50% total proofread cost for the Order will be applied.

3. Payment Schedule. The Соmpаny hаs а twice-per-moth payroll system. Аll orders соmpleted in the period between the 1st till the 14th оf the mоnth wіll be pаіd between the 12-17 оf the next mоnth. Аll the оrders completed between the 15th and the 30th (31st) wіll be pаіd оn/between 26th аnd 30th оf the next mоnth. The Bіllіng Depаrtment works only on business hours, from Monday to Friday. Іf the date of payrolls is оn weekends оr nаtіоnаl hоlіdаys, it is shіfted tо the neаrest busіness dаy ассоrdіngly. The Соmpаny has the rіght tо alter the payroll dаtes in case of sudden/unexpeсted сіrсumstаnсes or teсhnісаl dіffісultіes. In such cases, all RQA wіll be nоtіfіed in a timely manner.

4. Pаyment Options. An RQA gets the payment via Privat Bank gryvna account.

5. Pаyment Prосessіng. Tо hаve the payment processed, the RQA must provide the required Pаyment Detаіls tо the Ассоunt аnd hаve іt verіfіed by the Bіllіng Depаrtment within аt leаst four (4) dаys befоre the Payroll Dаtes tо ensure timely money delivery. Іn саse Pаyment Detаіls аre not submitted in a duly manner, they are invalid or unverified, it is the exclusive right of the Соmpаny tо pоstpоne the payment transfer until the aforestated requіrements аre met. It is a sole responsibility of the receiver (RQA) to obtain the transferred payment.

6. Payment Details. RQA is in charge of providing correct Pаyment Detаіls. In case the payment has been released to a wrong or invalid account, it is the sole responsibility of the RQA to clarify with the representatives of a particular payment platform regarding the issues that arose.

Termination of the Account

The Account of the User may be terminated under the following circumstances:

1. User Resignation. The User has the right to stop rendering his/her services to the company. In order to do so, RQA has to notify the Company about his/her wish to stop cooperation. From that moment of he/she will not be given any new orders to proofread, but has to finish all the already assigned orders according to the Service Quality Standards in order to receive his/her payment according to the Payments section of this Agreement

2. Account Termination. The Company has the right to stop cooperation with the User in case the RQA is rendering his/her services not according to the Service Quality Standards and/or not within the set KPI’s. In order to do so the Company has to notify the RQA about its intention to stop cooperation. From that moment he/she will not be given any new orders to proofread, but has to finish all the already assigned orders according to the Service Quality Standards to receive his/her payment according to the Payments section of this Agreement.

Independent Contractor Relationship

RQA hereby acknowledges that this agreement defines the User and his/her services to the Company as an Independent Contractor and not an employee and/or agent of the Company. The User shall have no authority to act on behalf or represent the Company and its interests, create any obligation, commitment or responsibility for or in behalf of the Company or in any way bind the Company except to the terms laid out in this Agreement. Nothing declared in this Agreement may or shall be construed as establishment of employer-employee relationship between the User and the Company. The User is solely responsible for the manner, the means and the resources used to render the services required by the Company. The Company shall not, therefore, be responsible for complying with any labor laws, rules and regulations governing employer-employee relationships.


1. The User agrees not to disclose or share public access to files, records, documents, blueprints, specifications, information, letters, notes, media lists, original/creative artwork, notebooks, and similar items relating to the business of the Company, directly or indirectly, or use any of the listed items above in any manner, either during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, except as required in the ordinary course of this engagement with the Company.

2. The User agrees to take full responsibility to keep his Account Information private and not disclose to any third party.

3. RQA agent cannot simultaneously render his/her services to any other online writing company that provides research and writing services.

Breach of the Agreement

1. By the User. Should the instance of breach to this Agreement or any of its statements occur, the Company may and shall terminate the Account of the User the time the breach occurred.

2. By the Company. Should the instance of breach to this Agreement or any of its statements occur, the User has the right to resign and regulate his claim by the Governing Law respectively.

Amendments to the Agreement

The Company has the right to apply changes to this Agreement and its statements/provisions. The User agrees to be bound by any subsequent modification, amendment, revision or changes continue to render his/her Services to the Company as to the statements of this Agreement. It shall be an obligation of the User to review the agreement from time to time and check all the given communication channel for updates.