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Happy Holidays from EditGroup!

New Year celebration always brings a feeling of a ‘fresh start fever’ and makes us want to set as many resolutions as possible. But first we need to look back and acknowledge all the work done this year. In 2018 our remote team’s results are the following: 20286 orders and 84880 pages checked 86.5% customer

What is Editing About?

What is Editing About? Editor’s job is not mysterious or discreet one. Even before you start – you might guess the main task the editors face. But if you want to know it all like the back of your hand… Start your career as a junior Editor. So, what do you actually start with? Get

Is It Worthy?

Is It Worthy? The minimum workload will ensure your profit. Freelance editing is quite a cash cow for those who manage their time efficiently and ready to put enough efforts to what they do. Don’t be afraid to stay face-to-face with editing. Mastering a new activity can be challenging. Be sure that there is always

What’s Important?

What’s Important? Most probably, one of the crucial things is attention to detail. Thoroughness and scrupulousness determine a successful editor. Be incredulous. Be passionate for accuracy. Do not take the facts you encounter on trust. You need to be willing to double-check everything and triple-check oneself. Thus, be a fact-checker. Ask yourself: “Am I sure

Why Freelance?

Why Freelance? You want to wake up just when you feel so? Stay in bed till noon or start your day even at 5 a.m. Nobody is going to judge your choice. Organize your day as you wish. No traffic-jams or overcrowded tube. Isn’t it already a dream-job? Be flexible. Be independent. We still don’t

What Do We Face Each Day?

What Do We Face Each Day? Different domains of knowledge to learn. Access to hundreds of text varieties. Enrichment of new ideas, peculiar facts or simple recollection of what has been learnt years ago. The editors work in close connection with representatives of dozens of specialties. Encountering new words, constant language practice and skills improvement